Type or Client: Trioxin245 Software

Development time: Two (2) months

Target: Gear VR

Technologies used: Unity3D ( C# and Multiplayer solution)

Air Hockey VR is a game I worked on as a multiplayer developer. I was responsible for making everything related to multiplayer interactions, which I did in in different steps:

  1. A leaderboard and login/register system, connected to a database, has been created so the players can create an account and see their best scores in a global leaderboard, shown in the game.
  2. The multiplayer part consists of two players fighting each other on an air hockey table. My main difficulties were to keep the game as fluid as possible because of the puck’s speed and to deliver the “almost” same content for both players. As the game uses a peer-to-peer connection, one of the players was also the host, where all the physics calculations happen. In that case, I had to uses predictions and transfer ownership to not overuse the bandwidth and keep a fluid experience for both players.
  3. The multiplayer part also needed a matchmaking system so the users can found everyone else over the internet and start a peer-to-peer connection with one of the other players.