Type or Client: Video Game

Development time: 2017 – Now

Target: PC ( Maybe Mac & Linux)

Technologies used: C# ( Unity3D ), Blender and many others

Bowman VS Zombies

Bowman VS Zombies is a game I am working on during my spare time. I’ve spent thousands of hours on it as it helps me learn how to improve my programming skills, using Unity3D and all its functionalities.

It started as a game jam project, and I wanted to push it to another level. As I am alone on this project, I got help for some of the assets(3D environments and models, sounds, and UI ) as it takes time, especially when all the other parts already took me 4 years of work and when these parts should be done as a specific job each.

On this project, my most important tasks were developing the functionalities with C# code, assembling/mixing all the different parts to make the game live, but also balance the game, work on a multiplayer system, save and load data, …

Bowman VS Zombies trailer

This game has been published in an early access state on Steam on the 21st of September 2018. I am publishing new content and updates regularly, and I am planning to leave early access in Q3 2021.