Type or Client: School project

Development time: One month with 6 teammates

Target: Web ( Computer and mobile )

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Node.JS, Vue.JS

Our goal for this project was to create a website that contains all the information for our everyday-life, a personalized application we can use each day to get news, weather, travel information, bitcoin chart, and many more.

I had to learn all the best practices in web development, mainly about APIs, Authentification system, and security.

The main development parts I had to do was mainly about creating different web pages with a widget system (and a masonry effect to keep the widget tiles well placed visually on the screen), an API routing system for web requests, and a profile system ( Login, register, profile, and how to secure data with personalized dashboard). I also had to create a server part that updates all the requested general data to our database so we can get data from other APIs regularly and not overuses them uselessly at each loaded page.

Then, we just had to create every widget we want one by one, within our deadline. We also added PWA so the website can be installed as an application and visited offline.

The application may take some time to load if no one played it recently.