Touchless Museum

Type or Client: School project

Development time: One month with 3 teammates

Target: Web ( Computer and mobile ), also tested on a Rift headset and a touchscreen TV !

Technologies used: HTML, JS, CSS, Phaser 3

Use your hands to view the museum’s artworks and get more information about them in a fun and practical way in Touchless Museum, an interactive experience.

The idea comes from the arrival of the virus at the beginning of 2020, and the fact that you have to touch a touch screen to be able to interact with it, and this in public places.

For example, when we want to see a summary of all the works and their position in the museum, it is nice to have an interactive screen that gives us all the information we need to find our way around. That’s why I wanted to create this application that demonstrates the possibility to create an interactive experience that shows all the artworks of the museum, their location, and much more information playfully and practically: Using your hands.