Type or Client: School project

Development time: 4 months @ 4-6 hours per week with 3 teammates

Target: Web ( Computer and mobile in landscape mode ), also tested on a Rift headset and a touchscreen TV!

Technologies used: HTML, JS, CSS, Phaser 3

Hawaiian Factory is a serious game about the future of the factories. The goal is to grow your own factory by following the 5 stakes of the future (french):

  • Economic issues
  • Technological issues
  • Organizational issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Societal issues

The application may take some time to load if no one played it recently.

I managed our small team to create this project and took a part in it while developing it. I made the core functionalities and implemented everything in this project like movements, time system, object placements (there are different types of machines, and some of them can only be placed outside, inside, or in the sea), and the tutorial system.

Hawaiian Factory – Tutorial

I also developed a multiplayer system, so the game starts at the time the first player is logged in, then everyone will be connected at the same time. There is also a chat where everyone can talk together and a private message system.

Finally, I developed a system to win/lose money depending on your machines, machine levels, rent, and temporary events. As you grow in the game, you can select another level with more spaces for your machines, but a bigger rent to pay each month.

Hawaiian Factory – Bigger Factory

The main difficulty in this project was to balance the game stats between all the objects, so it is playable at the same difficulty whenever your evolution path is. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to make it as balanced as we wanted, especially in the second and third levels.

However, the game is already balanced about the environmental issues, so it will end as soon as you are not placing enough trees. It’s up to you to stay balanced in these four stats at the left bottom!

The website has been published online using Heroku. It has been easier for us to use this tool as we were able to get a preview automatically, right after pushing our commits on Github.