Result of amphitheater application

Type or Client: Octus

Development time: 1-2 months

Target: Mobile

Technologies used: Unity3D, 3DSMax

The French company Octus, specialized in bringing archeological content back to life using new technologies, asked me to create a short experience for mobile in a destroyed and 3D modelized amphitheater in Amiens.

The first choice I made is to create a video instead of a full application so I can have the best quality possible on limited hardware (in both file size and RAM consumption).

In the application itself, the first part was to create an immersive environment, starting from a non-textured 3D model of the amphitheater. I had to generate UVs, textures, sky and ground to create the static parts of the experience.

Then, I created a loopable scene using 3D character models (two gladiators and differents spectators). I added animations played randomly on the spectators and I created a loopable fight between the two main characters in front of the camera.

Finally, I added sound immersion (swords hitting together, spectators enjoying the show, applause, …)